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Sunday, 25th February 2004

It has been over two years since the last update, but this site is still alive.
The site has a new, permanent home with it's own domain -  neogeo.org.uk
Unfortunautely I am currently unable to update the original website to point here, but I should be able to do that in a few weeks time.
This site is still on basic webspace, but I may soon get more advanced hosting, allowing me to add more features to this site, in particular a better, advert free forum.
A major site redesign may also be coming soon.

For now the original Forum is still available, please use it for any comments or suggestions for this site, plus any general NGP discussion.

(Very old) Previous updates:

29 June 2000
Added my Sonic Pocket Adventure review to the Reviews section.

6 June 2000

Added five reviews written by Insecta. They were on New Earth but it has closed down, so Insecta has given me permission to add them to the Reviews section. I have also added a review of Gal Fighters by Matt Wall, also from New Earth.

5 June 2000

Added Links to PSY Online and NGP World. PSY Online is a great UK based site, and NGP World is a good French site.

Minor updates to the About section, with a bit of info on what's changed since I last updated it.

27 April 2000

Added a review of Match of the Millenium written by merouby. It's in the Reviews section.

25 April 2000

I have added a News section to the site. All the old "Whats New" pages have been moved to there, the rest will be moved after they've been up for a week or two. I will also report any NGP news I find of interest, in that section.

19 April 2000

My Match of the Millennium review is finally up. Read it in the Reviews section.

6 April 2000

Now uploaded the Opinion section. It is a place for me to write articles expressing my opinion on anything to do with the Neo Geo Pocket.
Currently there is one article, a wish list of games I would like to see on the NGP.

3 April 2000

Added a Match of the Millennium Catwalk secret to the Secrets page

2 April 2000

Added Pocket Pocket to the Links page. It is a nice site with good reviews and excellent strategy guides for various games, including MotM and Card Fighters Clash.

Added New Earth to the Links. It is a nice looking site with cool quizzes and music.

30 March 2000

Added NGP Central to the Links page. It is nice site with a very busy forum so I recommend having a browse.

29 March 2000

Added a mailing list to the site. Sign up to receive info on updates to this site as soon as they happen. I will probably send out about one mailing per week.
To join just fill in the box above and click on join.

26 March 2000

Added a Magazines page with information and opinion on UK magazines with coverage of the NGP.

Minor updates to the Chat page, with information on how to find me.

I updated the Reviews page- I now accept reader reviews, so if you have any you would like added, send them in.