Neo Geo Pocket Power


Many of these links are out of date or just dead, they will be sorted out sometime soon, but if you know of any that have moved to a new address please let me know and I will update them.

If you have a site you would like added, email me and it will be done.

Neo Geo Pocket

Neo Pocket Gamer A great UK based site
Sector : NGP A huge site with dozens of reveiws of NGP games
NGP Go A nicely designed site, updated frequently
NG Pocket Central A good site with a great forum
NGPC Zone A new site, with a nice design and frequent updates
H3Q A very nice looking site, with quite a lot of content
Pocket Pocket A nice site with excellent strategy guides and good reviews
New Earth A well designed site, with quizzes and music.
PSY Online A great site, covering the NGP and the Dreamcast.

General Pocket

PocketGamer.net An excellent new site on all the portables, also UK based
Pocket IGN A huge site, on all the portables
videogames.com Handheld A new site, with good reviews
Portable Amusement Message boards on all the handheld systems


SNK UK A nicely designed site, but with very little info
SNK USA Info on all the games available in the US, with pics and videos
SNK Japan (in English) A top site with the latest information on the NGPC

News Groups

alt.videogames.neo-geo Discussion of anything to do with the Neo Geo and NGP
alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo Emulated Neo Geo, and Neo Geo Pocket games
alt.fan.sonic-hedgehog Discussion of anything related to Sonic, including Pocket Adventure
rec.games.video.sega General Sega discussion

Foreign Language

SNK Japan (Japanese) All the latest Neo Geo related news from the official site.
NGP World (French) An excellent site, with plenty of content