Neo Geo Pocket Power


I can be found on the chat as +Craig_Wallace on weekday evenings and all day weekends, British time. If you see me say hi and let me know what you think of the site.

#ngpc on irc.ipa.net



  • Channel Ops: Ops are @'s next to people's names. They are there for no reason other than to signify that user as staff of the channel. No op status will be given out, so there is no need to ask.
  • Channel Voices: Voices are +'s next to people's names. They are there for no reason other than to signify that user as an affiliate of the channel. No voice status will be given out to anyone else, so there is no need to ask.
  • Behavior: There are not many behavioral rules, just don't act like an ass. If you do, you will be temporarily banned from the channel for however long the ops see fit.
  • Flooding: Flooding will not make your point any more clear, it will just make people upset, and get you a ban warning.
  • Clones (multiple names for one user): Clones are also unnecessary, and will be asked or forced to leave.
  • Spaming: We don't care if you mention your ngpc related site once or twice, or type a site for conversational purposes, but coming on to the channel just to paste links will not be tolerated.

This chat channel is owned and operated by #ngpc, and is in not maintained by any of the sites you find this page on. If you have any questions or comments please send them to ngpc_chat@hotmail.com. It is strongly recommended that you use an irc (internet relay chat) client to access this channel. It is far more flexible and enjoyable alternative then this java applet. Mirc is the best choice, which is less than a meg in size, and can be found at www.mirc.co.uk.

This channel is located only on the following servers.

For more imformation on chat on #ngpc visit this site

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