Neo Geo Pocket Power


Imformation on which magazines have coverage of the Neo Geo Pocket.
I am in the UK so this page will be focused on mags available here.

There are three main mags with regular coverage of the NGPC - Arcade, GamesMaster and Computer and Video Games. All three are multi format magazines, covering all the systems.

Computer and Video Games was the first UK videogames mag, it has been around since 1984. It costs £1.99 and is out monthly. It usually has a few NGPC mini reviews per month, and there are occaisonal full page reviews of big games, like Sonic.

Arcade is a quite recent mag published by Future Publishing. It costs £2.80 and is out every four weeks. It has mini reviews for most NGPC games released, plus a few half page reviews.

GamesMaster is also from Future Publishing, and has been around since the Mega Drive years. It costs £2.99 and is published monthly. It is aimed more at kids (to quote the official website "Aimed at 11-19 year-olds, its' bright, brash design"), and is biased towards the Game Boy, though NGP games are occasonally given mini reviews.

I personally buy C&VG most months, and am considering subscribing - it is under £20 a year. I often buy Arcade, if it has a few NGP reviews. Overall I think Arcade is the better magazine, though C&VG has better coverage of the Neo Geo Pocket. I will buy GamesMaster if it has particularly good coverage of the NGP, I usually have a look in the newsagent to find out.

If you know of any other magazines available in Britain, that cover the NGP email me info and I'll see if I can get a copy, then give my opinion of it.