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Neo Geo Pocket Power

A site dedicated to SNK's excellent handhelds, the Neo Geo Pocket and the Neo Geo Pocket Color.

This site features Reviews, a Forum, a Chat Room , a list of Secrets and more

Please post any comments, queries and suggestions in the Forum


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Latest updates:

Saturday, 8th May 2004

After acquiring a domain (neogeo.org.uk) for this site a couple of months back, I have now signed up for some proper (paid for) hosting to go with it.
The hosting is from Macoman and includes plenty of webspace and bandwidth, plus all of the usual fancy stuff - CGI, PHP, MySQL etc.
This will enable me set up of a forum hosted on this site, this will be done soon.

Other interesting PHP/ CGI may also be coming soon ( suggestions welcome).

While the site is being transferred to the new host I expect there will be a few missing pages / broken links, but I'll try to get them all sorted as soon as possible.

All pages on original site ( ngppower.fsnet.co.uk ) should now have been updated to point to the new domain, but if you still have any links / bookmarks pointing there please update them.

I expect a site redesign of some sort will be done "soon".

For now the original Forum is still available, please use it for any comments or suggestions for this site, plus any general NGP discussion.

Note: I don't currently have access to my previous email address, and the new one hasn't yet been setup. For now if you want to contact me please post in the forum.



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