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Reader Review by Insecta

I never wanted to buy a Neo Geo Pocket Color, but for some reason I did. I hated it at first, then I grew to love it more than my once worshipped gameboy color. I spent 3 months playing nothing but King of Fighters R2, then I got SNK vs. Capcom and Sonic and my life was perfect. This is my favorite handheld I own, out of a Game Gear, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color and of course, a Neo Geo Pocket Color.


The unit is about the same size as a gameboy held horizontally. Then if you add a bigger screen in the center, two plastic buttons on the left and as small rubber one, then put a nice, compact 3D stick on the right, with a rubber power button, you have a Neo Geo Pocket Color. There is also a connection port on top (good position), headphone jack, power input and volume dial on the bottom. It's a very neat, almost attractive little unit that spends its hours away from me teasing my Gameboy Color for being ugly. It's very well designed and don't get cramped hands, like you would on a Gameboy, and the 3D stick handles like a dream. The cartridges are tiny, about half the size of a Gameboy cart. Very nice. You can get a Neo Geo in Black with Grey Spots, Clear White, Aqua Blue, Platinum Silver, Stone Blue and Platinum Blue. Each one looks nice, and interesting as opposed to bright Gameboy Color style casing. I got Black with Grey Dots, and I am very, very pleased with it!

The system is above the standard of the Gameboy (in my opinion) with neat graphics, great gameplay, higher specs and much better, louder sound, longer battery life. I have 21 Gameboy games, including Pokemon, Mario DX, Zelda DX and Zelda, Warioland II, Final Fantasy, Mario Golf and other great classics. But I play my Neo Geo Pocket Color, with three games more often (that meaning I actually play it). That's how good it is. Yes, I heard somewhere that SNK are getting everyone who owns a Neo Geo to go round saying how much they prefer their Neo Geo to their Gameboy, and they wondered what was doing it. I think its the quality, and the magical feel of the unit and the games. I can look back on some Gameboy games and laugh (especially Warioland 2), in fact the only six I still respect are Zelda, Mario DX, Pokemon, the Gameboy Camera and Mario Golf. The rest have faded like innocent pleasures of the past.

Turning of the NGPC without a game in gives you a Calendar, Horoscope, Alarm and World Time. Useless, but a nice thought, and better than nothing. The clock, however is just screaming to be used in games, and probably is already, for timing some things. Great job SNK!

The other thing that gives the NGPC the strength it has, is the image it brings. I used to get looked a laughed at for playing my Gameboy on the bus. People tend to think more highly of Neo Geo, it suits my age more. And you don't get crap games from other systems, or BAD tv/movies licences either. Every Neo Geo game I've played (even the bad Biomotor Unitron) feels like it was made for more than just profit, and SNK listens to its fans (they changed Athena's tune for MotM, only for their fans). And SNK hasn't announced two new handhelds already, just hinted at a possibility.

The Neo Geo Pocket Color has been my best buy from all of 1999!

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This is one cool handheld. If you want something a little different from a Gameboy, get this. If you want a handheld, you should probably get a Gameboy. The Neo Geo Pocket Color really should only be bought if you have a Gameboy.


Final Score: 90%

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