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SNK vs Capcom : Match of the Millennium
Reader Review by merouby
Genre: Fighting
Players: 1-2

Well, after hearing all the hype about Match of the Mill., I eagerly bought the cartridge. My first impression wasn't so spectacular, but let me elaborate: For starters the characters looked funny; no skin tones (except Zangief - why is that?), and huge heads (a NGPC trait), every time a round started the number of the round was highlighted with a big vertical line, which frankly resembles a screen-display disorder, rather than a feature. Another more frustrating part of the game was that the dialogs of the characters were translated poorly from Japanese; throwing out the story, like a bad Godzilla dub. A prime example shows up in the main menu, the tournment option is shown as "TOURNEY"...i can understand that TOURNMENT can't be spelled out for lack of space, but let's think of a suitable word that'll fit: How about MATCH? Hey, it's only the name of the damm game!! Finally, sometimes repeative dialog can't be skipped by pressing the B button; this is apparent in the "Olympics" part of the game. Well aside from all this "knit-picking", it is truly a fabulous game! Game play is wonderfully quick, just like the Megadrive(Genesis),if not a bit quicker, and the Olympic option allows several mini-games to be played; one of my favorites being based on Arthur from Ghost-n-Goblins. (They should release Ghost n' Goblins for the NGPC..the GBC has it!) These mini-games alone make this cartridge a bargin at whatever price. Also everytime you win the whole game, you get to remove blocks hiding a secret character, eventually freeing that character up to use. Plus you can create your own characters! Wonderfully, the backgrounds and animation sequences are stunning. Amazing what you get in that little, tiny cartridge! Due to these all strengths, I wholeheartly recommend this cart. However, if you are only looking for a professional "Sega Genesis/Megadrive"-issue fighting game, you'll be really pleased with Samurai 2!

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